joi, 18 septembrie 2008

Simon Rowland: Every experience needs to be exceptional if there is going to be widespread impact.

Simon Rowland from UffindellWest took the time to answer some questions about brand identity that “says it all”, personal touch in branding and exceptional customer experience, while also advising us to create a Linkedin group discussion for StrategicMarketing :), besides the one we already have on Facebook :

About digital brand experience and hybrid marketing. With Martin Cserba

I continued asking the speakers invited at Strategic Branding for ideas about branding, social media, customer created content. Here are some great insights on digital brand experiences, viral campaigns and challenges in the digital era that I got from Martin Cserba:

marți, 16 septembrie 2008

Fabian for Strategic Branding

I asked Fabian Sax to answer some questions regarding branding and social media. And he did (really fast - thank you Fabian!) give me just enough ideas to want to find out more at Strategic Branding. Here they are: